Pre Survey Inspection

This service is provided for those who would like some initial independent unbiased information on a vessel before they commit to travelling and a full pre-purchase survey.

The report from this inspection will give a general overview of the condition of the vessel and will be accompanied by many photographs.

Before the purchase of any vessel a full pre-purchase condition and valuation survey is always recommended.

Insurance Survey

This inspection and report is performed so that the insurance company can determine whether or not the vessel is an acceptable risk, and its fair market value. Particular interest is paid to the structural integrity and safety of the vessel for its intended use. Many companies require a survey before offering insurance, particularly if it is an older vessel, and also periodically during its life.

Damage Survey

Following any incident, it is necessary to determine its possible cause, and to assess the extent of damage, the recommended repairs, and the estimated costs involved.

Pre Purchase Condition

This is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly recommended before the purchase of any vessel.

Condition and overall operation of the vessel is examined, including the following criteria: structural integrity; electrical systems; propulsion system; fuel system; other machinery; navigation equipment; miscellaneous on board systems; electronics; cosmetic appearance and overall maintenance. This survey includes an out of water inspection and a sea trial.

Valuation Survey

Used as a means to determine a fair market value of a vessel, this is not a condition survey. The inspection is intended to gather enough information about the vessel in its present condition and location to provide a report that may be required by your bank or loan provider, or for other legal reasons.

New Build and Refit Survey

During the construction of a new vessel, major repairs or a refit, it is advantageous to have an independent surveyor acting in the interest of the owner.

The surveyor’s role is to provide technical advice to the owner, and wherever possible to make sure that all specifications are met by the yard and the contractors.

A record is kept with text and photographs of the work as it progresses, and this can provide a history and proof of work completed.

Phase Out Survey

If you own a boat that is about to be phased out of a charter fleet, you’ll want to employ an independent surveyor to assess the condition of your vessel and create a list of recommended work to be undertaken by the charter company before it is returned to your ownership. During the survey the vessel will be inspected in the water to check the operation of machinery and equipment, a sea trial will be performed and the vessel will be hauled ashore to check the condition of the hull and underwater equipment. If you will not be attending in person, your charter company will normally organise this for you, provide a captain, and liaise with us.